Thermal technology becoming big part of public life during COVID-19 pandemic

MIAMI – Taking temperatures is part of the new normal as people try to enter restaurants and even doctors' offices.

Nowadays, it's all about safety, and thermal technology is becoming a part of COVID-19 life.

Thermal cameras in courthouses, in casinos, and other places, looking for anyone with a temperature.

Areas once marketed for private security are now being used for health screenings.

Chris Gaspar runs SECG, a security integration company.

He walked Local 10 News' Andrew Perez through the technology, which businesses are using to keep large crowds safe from infection.

When someone enters a building hot, an alarm goes off. An additional screening would likely be next.

The margin of error on these devices is 0.5 degrees.

Of course, the Florida heat could potentially change your temperature, but these devices are indoors, and if you’re not cooling down, it’s a sign there may be a problem.

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