Dolphin Mall reopens, but don’t expect it to look the same

Several social distancing measures in place as mall welcomes back shoppers

Several social distancing measures are in place as the Miami-Dade mall opens its doors Wednesday.

SWEETWATER, Fla. – When you walk through the doors at Dolphin Mall, things will look a little different.

Face coverings must be worn by shoppers and employees inside the mall’s common and retail areas.

A limit of 50 percent of mall or store occupancy is in place.

And for those inside, social distancing signs serve as a reminder to avoid getting shoulder to shoulder with somebody else.

That’s the new reality as the Miami-Dade mall reopened Wednesday at 11 a.m. for the first time since it was forced to close by the coronavirus outbreak.

Shoppers were ready, some showing up an hour early.

Mall officials say cleaning will be done around the clock, focusing on high-touch, high-traffic surfaces.

And if you’re looking to grab something to eat, say goodbye to those trays you used to set your food on. The mall got rid of them and has also rearranged seating for proper distancing.

Sorry kids, play areas are closed off, too.

But managers say it’s for your safety as they work on getting Dolphin Mall back up and running.

Miami-Dade shoppers can note that Aventura Mall is set to reopen Thursday at 11 a.m.