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South Florida Dreamers celebrate Supreme Court ruling

While happy for Thursday's SCOUTS decision, many Dreamers realize fight may not be over

South Florida Dreamers celebrate ruling by Supreme Court
South Florida Dreamers celebrate ruling by Supreme Court

MIAMI – A dramatic day in Washington D.C. began unfolding Thursday morning when the Supreme Court ruled against President Trump and in favor of Dreamers.

The ruling doesn't mean the program that protects them is completely out of danger, but it's a big win that so many Dreamers had been waiting for.

It comes as a relief and a reprieve, but not yet an end. 

Nery is a Dreamer whose dream of law school and medical anthropology is back on track with Thursday's supreme court decision.

“We had a small victory in such a chaotic time,” Nery said. “How can I help people who think I don’t have a right to be here? It’s my only home, it’s the only thing I know and it’s the place that has given me opportunity to work and contribute to the economy.”

Nery, and around 11,000 young people just in South Florida, have lived, studied and worked, as Americans, too young to know any other life, since their parents brought them here when they were small.  

Ana is a Dreamer that was graduating from the University of Florida three years ago when President Trump announced he was rescinding DACA. She has since been following the court fight challenging the way he did it.  

The supreme court opinion that the president did not rescind it lawfully leaves open the door for him to re-do its end.

“While we were waiting, there was a lot of conversation with family,” Ana said. “What would it be to go back to Nicaragua after 16 years? It’s a difficult conversation.”