Coronavirus pandemic has put bicycles and boats in high demand, but supply is low

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Finding ways to entertain the family during the coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a challenging and creating time for many. 

Boats and bicycles have become such hot commodities, supply can't keep up with demand. 

On the water, it’s a world Marine Max sales rep Manny Medina said more people are discovering due to COVID-19.

"Now we are disconnected. You are in another world now," he said. "The inventory started getting low about three weeks ago when we noticed that the factories were not producing, so we were not getting the boats."

He says a halt in production due to the pandemic means, in recent days, they have actually run out of certain popular models.

Buyers will have to wait until July when they expect to get more. 

One of the big appeals of boating is the automatic social distancing. For a few hours, people can take off their masks, forget about the virus and feel normal.

At Miami Beach Bicycle Center, Alex Ruiz says they have been so overwhelmed with bike shoppers over the last few months he’s now worried about how to keep supplying the demand. 

"People were desperate," Ruiz said. "Everybody was quarantined in the house. They just needed to do something."

He said 60% of the bikes currently in the shop are actually repairs, not new inventory. He says the interruption in production overseas has made it tough to find any bicycles. 

“It’s limited, so if things don’t start coming in, absolutely we’re going to run out of bikes,” Ruiz said. 

Medina said the virus has caused families to spend more time together and as many skip vacations this year, they’re finding other ways to have fun responsibly. 

“It’s safer to be out on the water with nine to seven people in your family than being at Disney or in a shopping center,” Medina said. 

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