Hollywood senior grateful to be alive after being rescued from alligator infested lake

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A South Florida senior citizen is extremely thankful after a daring rescue saved him from drowning. 

Abba Borowich is grateful to be alive, returning to a scene where he almost lost his life... 

Borowich went for a walk around the Emerald Hills Golf Club Sunday evening with one of his good friends, Maurice, to take in the scenery when all of a sudden he lost his footing and fell into an alligator infested lake.

"It just swept me down into it and I was not able to do anything," he said. 

There was only one thing keeping him from going under. 

"I was holding on to a branch for dear life for over a half an hour," Borowich said. 

Maurice tried to help and ended up frantically calling his son Adam, who raced to the property and found Jerame Lawson, who was working at the golf club.

"He drove the golf cart and we just went from waterway to waterway," said Adam Gruber. "Jeremy ripped off his clothes, down to his boxers, dove in the water with me. We grabbed Abba."

Said Jerome: “This guy, the water was overtaking him and I think anybody, if it was your family or whatever, you see someone going down, I think you’re going to get in the water and help him too.”

Borowich did gets some cuts and scrapes in the incident, but otherwise he is doing well. He's grateful his life savers were able to get to him in time. 

“Thank God somebody was there because I was lost,” he said. “You know, its just so long I could hold on to that branch before I could go.”

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