After 3 months, mostly in a coma from COVID-19, doctor well enough to leave hospital

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Dr. Vlad Laroche rolled out of the hospital on Friday to the tune of victory and greeted by a mariachi band.

Laroche was first hospitalized with COVID-19 in April and was mostly in a coma for the past three months.

Laroche's brother, Paul, said: "God touch him, picked him up with his own hands, and got him home."

Doctors at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center fought to keep Laroche alive.

"We just kept faith. We just kept facing challenges and every time we had a new challenge, we had to come up with a new solution," Dr. Ribal Darwish of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center said.

They used one tool, a machine called the Hemolung, which works to allow the lungs to rest and heal.

They also used a medication called Pulmozyme or dornase alpha, usually used on cystic fibrosis patients. Laroche’s doctors said they are the only ones using it against COVID.

"I think many lives can be saved if they are going to utilize some of the treatments that we are utilizing here at Palm Beach Gardens," Darwish said

Laroche is a doctor and his brother, Paul, said that he believes he got it from treating patients. Laroche doesn’t plan on going back to work anytime soon. Instead, he said, he’ll get some rest and spend time with family.

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