Voluntary evacuation order in place as Palm Beach County feels effects from Tropical Storm Isaias

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – As Tropical Storm Isaias continues to churn to the southeast of southern Florida, residents have shown caution in preparing, but overall have not seemed overly concerned. 

The storm is expected to come closest to making a landfall off the coast of Palm Beach County and the governor says there’s now a voluntary evacuation order in place.

"For Zone A, for mobile homes, substandard homes or homes in flood prone areas," said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The cautious tone was also felt from the county's mayor. 

"It will start it get worse before it gets better," said Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner. 

The good news is Isaias seems to be sparing the area for the most part, but even without significant flooding or damage, there will still be some effects. 

According to the county, as of Saturday evening, 165 people are in the county’s five shelters.

They’re using classrooms to allow families to socially distance, and they say they’ve even received several animals.

Locals in the area have expressed their happiness that Iasias wasn't as severe as other's that have passed through in recent years. 

“I just wanted to get a picture of the wave height. I don’t think this is very serious,” said Rick McCullough, who lives near Juno Beach. “You sort of get used to it if you’ve been down here long enough.”

In Delray Beach, surfers were out early trying to catch some of the gnarly waves brought to shore from Tropical Storm Isaias.

It was a similar scene further north in Boynton Beach, with a constant spitting rain and whipping winds creating the perfect recipe for a rough surf.

Some local restaurants were open for outdoor dining on Sunday despite the poor weather.

Parks and beaches remain closed countywide on Sunday due to the storm. 

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