Coronavirus: South Florida hospital leaders encouraged by COVID-19 cases trending down

MIAMI – The head of South Florida's largest public hospital system is sharing some encouraging news in the fight against COVID-19.

There are similar sentiments coming from hospitals in Broward County.

Finally, in what has been an epicenter for coronavirus cases in the state, a slow, steady decrease does seem to be a valid trend.

Hospital numbers are a leading metric that validates the new development.

Jackson Health Systems President and CEO Carlos Migoya held a late afternoon call with his counterparts at hospitals across the country.

“We’re all seeing good reductions so we’re starting to feel better about it,” said Migoya.

By the real-time numbers, it’s still a serious situation. South Florida hospital bed availability currently hovers between 21 and 22 percent and ICU availability is just under 14 percent.

The good kind of positive trend is unmistakable though, leading to a brand new concern.

“The biggest challenge moving forward is for folks to get to the point where they think it’s over, that we can do anything we want to do,” said Broward County Mayor Dale Holness.

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