Police arrest shirtless man they say raped woman, robbed man on Miami Beach

Surveillance video captures Pedro Meguel Tomayo on bicycle riding around area, detectives say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A 37-year-old homeless man is under arrest facing charges including sexual battery after he attacked a woman on Miami Beach and robbed the man who was with her. Police believe there may be other victims and they are urging them to come forward.

According to the arrest report, Pedro Meguel Tomayo was shirtless and riding a bicycle around the streets of Miami Beach and then went onto the beach.

He approached a man and a woman who in the area of the 3rd Street Lifeguard stand on Wednesday, Aug. 5 at 3 a.m. and tried to begin a conversation with the pair.

He punched the male victim and pushed him down into the sand and threatened him with a knife. Once on the ground, police said Tomayo stole the man’s jewelry. He then told the victim to leave the area and walk towards the water, still threatening him with the knife.

This, police said, allowed Tomayo to be alone with the female. The victim, who was wearing a two-piece bikini, was forced to the ground while Tomayo pressed the knife against her back.

The victim said she then felt him put his hand into her bikini bottom and then penetrate her vagina with his fingers while making threats to her. As she was on the ground, he also stole her jewelry, a gold chain and pendant.

He then took off, the victims told police.

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Police said after reviewing several surveillance videos from near the area, they saw Tomayo arriving to the beach on a bicycle, then exiting the beach with the victim’s bag. Because of the COVID-19 curfew and beach closure, with limited traffic and people out and about, detectives were able to track Tomayo on other surveillance videos from streets in the same area.

Images captured on video matched the description of the alleged suspect given to police by both victims.

He was spotted on other surveillance shirtless and on the bicycle. Tomayo’s tattoos described by the victims matched images seen on surveillance.

When police located Tomayo the next day, he was wearing the female victim's chain around his neck and had a black knife like the one described by the victims.

Tomayo admitted to being in the area the morning of the robbery and identified himself in photos. He did admit to stealing property from another victim on the beach, but denied this robbery and the sexual battery assault.

“The subject spoke with detectives. He actually acknowledged being in the area during the time of the crime, acknowledged taking other victims’ property, but denied being involved in this crime,” said Miami Beach Officer Ernesto Rodriguez. “That’s why we feel there may be a possibility of other victims out there and we are encouraging them to come forward and speak with police.”

Tomayo was charged with 1 count of robbery with an weapon and armed sexual battery for the Aug. 5 incident. He was taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Contact Miami Beach police at (305) 673-7900 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-8477 if you have any information or were possibly the victim of a crime committed by this suspect.

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