U.S. Postal Service operation delays worry South Florida residents

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. –  Laine Doss and Beau Lajoie are among the Broward County residents who have noticed a decline in the U.S. Postal Service operations.

Lajoie said this concerns him because his father relies on the service to receive his medications during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Something that is supposed to have been delivered like two days or three days ago I don’t get for two or three weeks now, Doss said.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is among the Democrats around the nation who are accusing President Donald Trump of sabotaging the delivery of the November election mail.

“Wouldn’t do that,” Trump said. “I have encouraged everybody to speed up the mail, not slow the mail. And I also want to have a post office that runs without losing billions and billions of dollars a year.”

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