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Police in Miramar investigating woman’s car badly damaged and vandalized with racial slur

Miramar woman's car badly vandalized in apparent hate crime
Miramar woman's car badly vandalized in apparent hate crime

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A woman in Broward County woke up to find that her car had been vandalized, etched with a shocking racial slur. 

The woman, who we'll just call "Stacey," never made it to work Wednesday. 

"When I went to open the handle, that's when I realized my handle is broken," she said. "I looked and saw all the glass and the windshield, my windows."

"They scratched all over my car. They flattened my tires."

Her ruby red Mercedes was vandalized, with expletives scratched into the sides and on the hood. But one stuck out more than the rest; the n-word. 

"I saw that awful word written on there," Stacey said. "Why would that be said, why would you write this? To me, it's a hate crime. That's what it feels like and I'm just appalled."

The incident happened sometime overnight at the Lake Vista Apartments on Sherman Circle North in Miramar.

Some type of brick or heavy object was used repeatedly to cause thousands of dollars in damage, but nothing was stolen from out of the car.

“Who would do this? What did I do? I didn’t do anything to anybody,” Stacey said. “I don’t get into arguments, I don’t fight. I’ve never been in trouble. I just moved here.”

Stacey called the police and security is now reviewing surveillance. So far, no eye or earwitnesses have come forward, which makes this victim uneasy.

“Somebody knows my house and they know my car and they attacked me so I’m concerned and I’m very fearful,” she said. 

About the Author:

Terrell Forney joined Local 10 News in October 2005 as a general assignment reporter. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but a desire to escape the harsh winters of the north brought him to South Florida.