Family members of Hollywood drive-by shooting victims left searching for answers as police remain tightlipped

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A drive-by shooting claimed the lives of two Hollywood neighbors over the weekend. 

One of the victims was out walking his dogs, and the other was his nextdoor neighbor, who came over to pet them. 

The person who pulled the trigger, meanwhile, is still on the loose. 

Hollywood police have not released an information on this incident that happened more than three days ago. 

A family member of 29-year-old Denzell Williams said he was a hard-working family man and father of two. 

Williams was shot and killed while walking his dog and talking to a neighbor Saturday afternoon in right front of his house.

He was speaking to his neighbor, Amber Campbell, who had crossed the street to pet his dog when someone drove down Fletcher Court and opened fire on the two, killing them. 

Campbell was a mother of three. She was a doula, trained in helping woman with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. 

Mandy Rojas is a midwife and worked side by side with Campbell bringing babies into the world.

“I couldn’t even tell you how many births we did together over the years,” she said. 

Woman killed in Hollywood double shooting may have been innocent bystander
Woman killed in Hollywood double shooting may have been innocent bystander

 Rojas explained that Campbell recently lost her husband, who had been sick. 

"Even a few months ago, when her husband was passing, she was still working and trying to help others, through all of the grief of losing the father of one of your children," said Rojas. 

Rojas set up a GoFundMe page for Campbell’s children, with nearly $30,000 raised as of Tuesday afternoon. 

Rojas says Campbell was a pro at helping others through what can be a stressful pregnancy process.

"Her energy, absolutely her energy. She was the calm to my storm," she said. "Honest, trustworthy, an all-around beautiful person. She lit up a room when she walked into it."

Her children are staying with family members. 

A vigil will be held for Campbell on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on Dania Beach.

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