Man accused of kidnapping girlfriend, forcing her to drive him to the Keys

Ricky Lee Good.
Ricky Lee Good. (Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – A 43-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on accusations that he kidnapped his girlfriend in Homestead and forced her to drive him to the Keys, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

The woman also claims that Ricky Lee Good has abused her.

Good faces a kidnapping charge.

According to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt, the victim texted a friend around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday while Good was inside a gas station and told her friend that he was forcing her to drive him to Key West.

The friend called 911 and deputies spotted the Jeep the couple was in at Mile Marker 102 as they were heading south.

Linhardt said the victim was driving and Good was sitting in the front passenger seat.

According to Linhardt, the victim became upset as soon as she was removed from the Jeep and told the deputy Good had beaten her while they were in Homestead.

Linhardt said the victim told the deputy that her boyfriend had put her in a “wrestling-type move,” choked her and told her he didn’t know whether he should let her live.

The woman said he also threatened to hurt her if she didn’t drive him to Key West.

It’s unclear whether Good will face charges for the domestic violence accusations.

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