Issues continue during week 2 of virtual school in Miami-Dade County

School district and parents are searching for ways to remedy the situation

Issues still plaguing students, teachers as Miami-Dade enters week 2 of virtual learning
Issues still plaguing students, teachers as Miami-Dade enters week 2 of virtual learning

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Tuesday began the second week of distance learning for students in Miami-Dade County.

Following an initial week of issues and headaches, many parents are still frustrated by what they feel is a lack of a clear path forward.

Amanda Prieto is the mother of two Miami-Dade students, one in kindergarten and one in third grade.

“Unfortunately, today is still unreliable. Both teachers have switched back to zoom,” Prieto said. “For us, it’s not consistent and it’s not working, and teachers seem frustrated.”

Following a hellish first week back-to-school rife with internet and connectivity issues, combined with cyberattacks on the virtual learning platform, some of which allegedly at the hands of a 16-year-old Miami-Dade student, those frustrations are fueling the creation of a new website.,” said Prieto, who created the website over the weekend. “Saturday night...really late.”

The website is intended to help keep parents informed, connected and engaged, even breaking down how to leave public comments for virtual school board meetings.

“You can only leave a voicemail up to two minutes. If you’re sending an email, it has to be under 250 words,” Prieto said.

The district is also asking for feedback, acknowledging week one’s problems and seeking ways to make things better. They sent parents a survey, which can be seen below:

“We’re thrilled they’re asking for any feedback, but some of the questions are a little misleading,” said Prieto. “Let teachers use the technology that they’re comfortable with, and familiar with, and the district can focus the money they were going to spend on K12 on ensuring that classrooms are better prepared for when students return.”

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