Public schools in Miami-Dade County preparing to reopen for in-person learning

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Students who attend Miami-Dade Public Schools are set to officially return to in-person learning in the coming days.

The decision comes after Florida’s Education Secretary told the school board it had to reopen or risk loss of vital funding.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho took a tour of several schools and facilities over the weekend as they prepare to reopen their doors to students, teachers and other faculty members.

Local 10 got a look inside a classroom at Peskoe Elementary School in Homestead.

Desks could be seen a few feet apart, and teachers, while saying they are ready, are also concerned.

“I’m very concerned about returning to work, and at the same time I’ve very excited,” said Elementary School Teacher Mayra Mora. “I’ve missed my kids for over six months, but I’m very concerned for my health because I have underlying health conditions.”

Safety signing has been posted at schools across the county, encouraging proper protocols.

School board member Martha Perez is confident that schools across the county are ready.

“Every school has a two-page list, every school principal is responsible for everything and I believe everyone will be ready,” Perez said.

It was less than a week ago when the Miami-Dade School Board had to quickly pivot, voting to reopen physical classrooms on Oct. 5th instead of the plan they originally voted on and approved for Oct. 14.

Some argue the superintendent and the board caved to political pressure from the state after Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran told the board they had to stick to Oct. 5th reopening or lose millions in funding.

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