Kendall golf course community residents fighting against further development

Residents of a golf course community fighting against new development
Residents of a golf course community fighting against new development

KENDALL, Fla – Residents of a golf course community in Kendall are trying to stop a developer from building hundreds of new homes on a section of the abandoned course.

A lot of families who say they haven’t been included in this process and who want a say on this plan to ha

A years long property battle, again heating up.

“We already have tremendous traffic problems on our ring, but most importantly there’s a covenant protecting this land.”

Families living near the former Calusa Golf Course say they’re fighting against a developer’s efforts to remove a 99-year covenant protecting the land from development into homes.

“We bought homes we built families we expected to enjoy this community until 2067,”

The developer GL Homes tells Local 10 News they’ve met with 146 residents who live within 150 feet of the golf course and so far over 75 percent have agreed to remove the covenant, opening the door for development on the property.

But Residents like Amanda Prieto say the decision affects thousands.

“We have you know 2300 homes in this area, an extra 500 or a thousand would be detrimental,” Prieto said. “It’s really concerning to me that a billionaire can come in and look at a piece of land that has a government promise to protect it and just uproot an entire community.”

The developer did confirm to Local 10 that those residents who are agreeing to the removal of the land protection will be financially compensated if this deal goes through.

The commission is expected to make a final decision Oct. 29.

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