Temporary water-filled barriers keep some streets from flooding in Key Largo

KEY LARGO, Fla. – A new flood control measure was keeping some Key Largo streets dry while tides were higher than usual on Wednesday

Cheryl Whitmer, of U.S. Flood Control, had workers install temporary water-filled barriers in two low-lying neighborhoods: Twin Lakes and Stillwright Point.

“The Tiger Dam System is comprised of 50-foot sections of flood barrier that interlock together to create a seamless flood protection dam,” Whitmer said about the reusable dam workers placed along South Blackwater Lane.

Kristen Livengood, a spokeswoman for Monroe County, said Key Largo is testing the 24-inch temporary barriers.

Judy Clarke, the director of Monroe County Engineering Services, said in a statement last week that the barriers had been successful in holding back “the high king tides” from entering the road in all but one low-lying area where seawater bubbled up through the ground near the road.

“Yes, there are going to be some issues, but at least it’s keeping the saltwater out of the roads,” Livengood said.

Monroe County officials are working to release a new plan with more permanent solutions to the flooding problem by August 2021.

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