Fort Lauderdale City Hall dealing with outbreak of COVID-19

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Officials at Fort Lauderdale City Hall are dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19.

12 employees with the City of Fort Lauderdale have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Some of these employees are police officers and some work with City Manager Chris Lagerbloom, who also contracted the virus.

“A little rough, on and off,” Lagerbloom said. “I’ve certainly had some great doctors and feeling good this week.”

Lagerbloom is currently working from home. He said he felt sick last Monday and got a positive COVID-19 test on Tuesday.

He also saw Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis last Monday, who has since tested negative.

Nearly 30 City of Fort Lauderdale employees are under quarantine, simply as a precaution.

Lagerbloom said he’s in contact with the employees who contracted the virus to see how they are doing,

“We don’t have anyone hospitalized at this point,” he said. “Varying degrees of symptoms. I talk to many of them and thankfully those that had this test result that was positive out of my office last week, they’ve all turned the corner and sort of at the same place.”

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