Brazen burglar takes his time inside a Miami home after breaking window to gain access

MIAMI – A burglar who broke into a Miami home decided to stay for a little while, showing no concern over being interrupted.

It happened early Sunday morning in Miami, near LeJune Road and Southwest 3rd Street.

Surveillance video shows a red SUV drive by the home, then suddenly slow down.

It’s actually the burglar, casing the Miami house.

The neighborhood is seemingly quiet as he parks nearby, and then is spotted walking back to the house he decided to target.

The burglar first tries to jam the doorbell camera with an object before covering it with a towel.

He then hops over a side fence to get around back, and smashes in a window to get inside.

For roughly an hour, the thief rummaged through the home, and at one point he walked back to his SUV only to drive it over to the house that he had just broken into. He then loaded some of the stolen goods, including electronics.

A neighbor’s camera caught the red SUV Driving away long before police are called.

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