Excessive flooding in West Broward leads to livestock issues for Miramar family

MIRAMAR, Fla. – West Broward County was hit hardest by Tropical Storm Eta’s rain.

Miramar received nearly 16″ of rain, and the damage is extensive.

One family lost their livestock due to the sudden and significant amount of rain.

“This was the livestock that died, it drowned, poor thing it drowned from the amount of water,” said Yanays Delbusto.

Rising floodwater pushed onto the Delbusto family home overnight, killing one goat and threatening the other animals on the property.

“Horses have to be up here so they don’t drown with that amount of water,” she said.

The water intrusion is even on the inside of their home, because of the storm and overflowing canals that surround the property.

In fact, the street in front of the home is practically invisible because of the excess water.

Still, people tried their best to walk and drive through the flood that has crippled the Delbusto’s sewer and water system.

“It’s hard because I have other animals that are going through all this trouble because of this water and I don’t understand…if anybody would put themselves in my shoes, having minor kids, having animals and water coming into the home with poop and everything inside my home, it’s not a normal thing to happen for us,” she said.

The water is slowly receding, but not fast enough, especially with more rain falling throughout the day.

“We don’t have anybody coming out here to give us a solution to this,” Delbusto said.

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