WATCH: Army soldier from South Florida surprises her mother by coming home for Christmas

PLANTATION, Fla. – A South Florida family enjoyed a sweet reunion just in time for the holidays.

A local soldier surprised her mom, who didn’t think she was going to be able to come home for Christmas.

Ednise Desmangles was having brunch with her son and a friend an IHOP in Plantation when the unexpected happened. Her daughter Angelique Mombrun, a soldier in the U.S. Army, crouched behind a waiter and popped up for an amazing and heartwarming surprise.

“Seeing her home is like the best thing she could’ve given to the both of us,” Desmangles said. “I’m glad she did it. I’m glad she’s home.

“I Couldn’t believe she did it. I didn’t know she was capable of doing this. But she did.”

Mombrun told her mom that she couldn’t come home for the holidays because of Covid restrictions but was actually planning the big surprise. She wanted to give her mother the ultimate Christmas present.

“It was the most wonderful feeling,” said Desmangles. “Joy, crying, it was everything all at once.”

Mombrun has been away for five months, so this was a gift her mom wanted more than anything.

“Out of nowhere she just popped up. It took me a minute to realize what just happened,” Desmangles said. “When I looked at her with a plate in her hand I just dropped and screamed like oh my god.”

In a year filled with unpresented challenges, Mombrun wanted it to end by spreading happiness to the people she loves the most.

“Me and my mom have the strongest bond ever,” Mombrun said. “For us to be apart stresses her out. For me to do this big surprise, make her feel like we’re all connected again, brings tears to my face and joy. Makes me feel like I never left.”

Mombrun said she would be in town until next month.

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