Broward experiences coronavirus surge expected after socializing in December, mayor says


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Mayor Steve Geller said Thursday Broward County is experiencing a 20% to 30% surge in coronavirus cases due to socializing in late December.

Geller said Broward will continue to enforce the use of the face mask and social distancing. He added the average age of the people who are testing positive for the coronavirus in Broward is 39 years old.

If the vaccine supply allows, Geller said everyone who wants a vaccine in Broward County should have gotten one by August. Broward depends on the federal government and the state for that supply, Geller said.

Geller also said he is aware that there are people who don’t live in Broward who are receiving the vaccine in Broward. Gov. Ron DeSantis is not requiring proof of residence in Florida.

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