Small group of demonstrators stood outside Florida Capitol during presidential inauguration

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Capitol in Tallahassee was quiet on Wednesday during the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Amid the high security, Earl and Susan Austin were among a few protesters who met outside of the state capitol to express their disapproval of the Nov. 3rd election results.

“We just feel with all the bad things that happened in the election that it shouldn’t happen again,” said Earl Austin, of Jacksonville.

Although there was no evidence of election fraud, the supporters of former President Donald Trump who were in Tallahassee said they did not believe President Joe Biden deserved to be in the White House.

Len Murray, who drove to Tallahassee from Fort Lauderdale, to show his support of Biden said he disapproves of the U.S. Capitol siege on Jan. 6.

“I am hoping the first thing we do is accept the election,” Murray said adding, “I think the air was let out of their sails at the Capitol.”

As law enforcement used drones to watch the small crowd from above, Robert Allen said the First Amendment protected them all and there was a need for more civility.

“Get along! The first amendment is the first amendment, you don’t have to tear each other apart,” Allen said.

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