Bicycle shortage forces local stores to wait for months for cruisers, parts

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Bike shops across South Florida have been under pressure to keep up with a growing demand for bicycles and parts to repair used bikes such as derailleurs and chains.

Even Walmart, which used to have a wide selection of lower-end bicycles, is struggling. On Thursday, the massive store in Hollywood was completely out of bicycles for adults.

Matthew Swineheart, of Bicycle Evolution in Fort Lauderdale, has a room full of bicycles waiting to be repaired. He said his phone won’t stop ringing.

“I waited about six months to get bikes in; I got five,” Swineheart said.

Some stores have waiting lists and the prices have increased.

The sporting goods stores have showroom floors with very expensive bicycles, and they don’t expect the situation to change until 2022.

Nicola Stasi, of No Boundaries Sport in Fort Lauderdale, said that for him most of the problems with inventory are with bicycles under $500. The same applied to other area stores.

“Generally most people are looking for comfort, a cruiser-style bike, but those are kind of wiped out at the moment,” said Jordan Chin, of Big Wheel Cycles.

The supply chain was affected about two years ago when former President Donald Trump instituted tariffs on China about two years ago.

The market quickly shifted to other Asian countries, but with the high demand, they have shifted back to China. Industry experts believe the shortages will continue until 2022.

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