Grandmother stalked, pickpocketed at Dadeland Publix

KENDALL, Fla. – She’s been shopping at the Dadeland Publix for 20 years. Not only was she robbed of her wallet during her weekly shopping trip, a 70-something Pinecrest resident says she was also stripped of her sense of security.

“I had my Medicare card, I had my voter registration card,” said the woman who is too afraid to show her face after what happened. She’s now also too afraid to go to her favorite Publix after falling victim to a criminal.

The elderly woman said she was looking at her grocery list when the man approached her. On surveillance video, you can see him dip his hand in her purse, pull out her wallet and walk away.

The woman points out that on the video the criminal shamelessly looks at the camera while he has her wallet in his hand.

“My driver’s license, my social security card,” the senior citizen laments.

The woman told Local 10 News she didn’t notice her red Tory Burch wallet was gone until she got home and her telephone rang.

“American Express called me and said, ‘Have you made a purchase of 200 and something dollars?’ "

Visa called her to ask if she had charged more than $300.

 She wanted to talk publicly on television to make sure that her neighbors are aware of the danger.

“So, I’m doing this for everyone to be . . . on the look out,” the woman said. “I told Publix they should have more security.”

The incident happened just about a week ago and, so far, no arrest.

If you think you’ve seen the man, call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at (305) 471-8477.

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