Drops offer help for droopy eyelids

For many a common effect of aging can be droopy eyelids.

Dr. Gabriela Olivares with The Eye Center of Pembroke Pines said muscles in the lid of the eye can weaken over time which can affect the ability to see clearly.

The FDA recently approved a prescription eye drop called Upneeq which help temporarily elevate the lid.

“And it will actually elevate the top eyelid without needing surgery so it not only opens the aperture of the eye it also whitens the eye and can last for about 8 hours so this is a really nice option we can offer to our patients that is invasive like surgery is,” Olivares said.

While studies showed the drops were well tolerated, Olivares said patients with certain underlying eye conditions may not be good candidates for the product which is not covered by insurance.

And a concern for people on medications for high blood pressure: Drinking alcohol while on these drugs could have dangerous side effects.

Mixing beta blockers with alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of these medications and increase the potential for more severe side effects which include worsening heart failure and arterial insufficiency.

Since research on alcohol and beta blockers is limited, researchers don’t know what dosage of beta blockers might respond to various quantities of alcohol.

Health experts says people on beta blockers need to discuss the potential risks with their doctor and in some cases may need to quit drinking.

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