Public housing complex for seniors suddenly cleaned up after Local 10 report

WEST PERRINE, Fla. – There has been progress at a South Florida apartment complex where senior citizens have been living in fear of gunfire and decaying conditions.

Just one day after Local 10′s report at the public housing complex for seniors in West Perrine, suddenly the grass was cut, and garbage was picked up.

Also, the laundry area, which had been locked and inaccessible to the seniors, has once again been opened and is now working.

Safety, however, is still an issue.

The residents say vandals, drug dealers and gunman have easy access to the property.

“They told me they’ll lock this gate here and give us a key, and they cut the grass and take care of the laundromat,” said resident Jean Gheerawo.

The group Mothers Fighting for Justice said it will be meeting with Miami-Dade County officials and police about more security for the seniors.


Mothers against gun violence advocate for seniors in public housing who are living in fear

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