Ruling by decree, Haitian President Jovenel Moise prepares for summer election

Jovenel Moise is moving like a president in his final months in office, taking a victory lap despite calls for him to resign.

HAITI – Jovenel Moise is moving like a president in his final months in office.

The Haitian leader is on a victory lap, despite calls for him to resign.

Local 10 News’ Calvin Hughes followed Moise to the town of Marion on a melting hot Saturday morning.

Hundreds showed up to see a new dam that meant no more flooding for residents who lived in fear every time it rained.

The night before, Moise reminded residents in Jeremie that his deal with Taiwan will provide electricity for them, and the rest of the towns all over Haiti.

For 15 months, Moise has been ruling by decree, a power granted in the country’s constitution when there’s been no legislative elections.

The opposition has held rallies and protests day after day, calling on Moise to resign.

On ruling by decree, Moise says we are here to make decisions for the Haitian people.

Not since before the devastating earthquake in 2010 has Haiti had a wave of kidnappings, and never has one played out like an incident last month, in a church, during a live Facebook stream.

The victims were all released on Easter Sunday, three days later, after an unknown ransom was paid.

Moise said he has technicians working with people to help mount an anti-kidnapping task force, but that it takes time.

It’s the country’s constitutional crisis that has the attention of Washington D.C.

More than 60 members of Congress want Moise to reconsider his June 27th election taking several referendums to voters for major changes to the nation’s 1987 constitution.

One change includes allowing members of the Haitian Diaspora to vote and run for office.

Moise said without the Diaspora it will be difficult, if not impossible, to do this.

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