Dangerous stretch of Miramar Parkway has residents fed up with constant car crashes

Area of popular Miramar road has residents upset and fearing for their safety
Area of popular Miramar road has residents upset and fearing for their safety

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The same section of Miramar Parkway has been prone to car accidents, and residents in the area are fed up that it keeps happening.

According to neighbors, this has been going on for years and they want something done to stop it.

There is still damage left behind from the most recent crash, a rollover wreck on early Friiday morning.

“I was walking by my front door and heard a lot of noise,” said resident James Norris.

When Norris went outside, he said he found a Range Rover in his front yard, flipped over.

The driver was eventually charged with DUI, but Norris and his neighbors told Local 10 News it’s just the latest in a long list of similar crashes happening along a stretch of Miramar Parkway between 66th and 67th Avenue.

“We had one weekend where we had three accidents within a 28-hour span,” Norris said.

Roberto Cepeda lives two doors down from Norris and just a few weeks ago, Local 10 spoke to him when another car did damage to one of his other neighbors’ homes. A Tesla involved was thought to be going more than 100 mph.

“Since last February, at the end of February we have had 15 was my last count,” Cepeda said. “15 accidents around this block.”

The county has put in lights, signs and guardrails to try to slow drivers down, but Cepeda and his neighbors say, more must be done.

“Thank God that we haven’t had any fatalities until now,” Cepeda said. “But we are afraid, we are in constantly nervous panic to go out.”

Over the past year there have been more than 20 crashes in the area.

A fire station in the area has complicated the idea of installing speed bumps.


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