Venezuelan opposition gears up for regional elections in November

CARACAS, Venezuela – Some Venezuelan politicians who oppose Nicolas Maduro and his socialist party are already campaigning to run in gubernatorial and municipal elections set for Nov. 21st.

Attorney Edgard Raúl Leoni, of the Democratic Alliance, a political coalition that represents the opposition, said it’s one day that can make a difference. He said small victories could create momentum for the 2024 presidential election.

Enrique Capriles and other leaders of the opposition have yet to announce if they are running for office. Máximo Luis Sánchez, a Caracas councilman, said he has an obligation to run for office. He also believes talks with the Maduro regime are important.

“When a family member is kidnapped, someone has to talk to the kidnappers, and that’s the situation we are in now,” Sánchez said in Spanish.

Juan Guaidó launched a new effort to negotiate with Maduro’s regime. In response, Maduro announced on state television that he too is open to a dialogue. Norwegian officials are volunteering to mediate talks.

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