Florida lawmakers react to end of Netanyahu’s run as Israeli prime minister

Local lawmakers are reacting to the news that Benjamin Netanyahu's historic 12-year rule as Prime Minister of Israel has ended.

AVENTURA, Fla. – Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic 12-year rule as prime minister of Israel has ended.

Cheers erupted among lawmakers Sunday as Naftali Bennett won a crucial vote of confidence. His historic victory came down to a single vote, 60 to 59, effectively sending the country’s longest serving leader out of office and into the opposition.

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Within minutes, Bennett was sworn in as Israel’s new prime minister.

Sen. Rick Scott said in a Tweet that he was “grateful for (Netanyahu’s) partnership, which has only strengthened U.S./Israel relations.”

Netanyahu has been a polarizing leader during his tenure, and he is already promising a political comeback.

For now, it’s a former ally turned rival who will be presiding over parliament.

Rep. Ted Deutch offered a string of Tweets, with one stating, “I remain deeply committed to US-Israel relationship & advancing peace & regional cooperation.”

As for Netanyahu, his 12 years as a leader was rocky, most recently, during the escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine.

The 71-year-old, who is also facing a corruption trial, told supporters who witnessed him being ousted from office, “We’ll be back soon.”

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