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Mosquito season is upon us, and officials want South Floridians to be ready

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DORAL, Fla. – It’s officially National Mosquito Awareness Week, and Miami-Dade County officials want residents to be ready for the tiny, biting invaders that spread disease and ruin outdoor plans.

Dr. William Petrie, Division Director of Miami-Dade Moquito control, said mosquitoes really start thriving about a week to twelve days following a pronged rainfall.

The County monitors more than 300 strategically positioned mosquito traps on a weekly basis.

“So we can see exactly where the populations are increasing, which species are increasing, and where in the county these things are going on,” Petrie said.

The division has also recently expanded its regular truck larviciding routes to include high-density areas such as Bal Harbour and Coral Gables.

Stopping the spread of mosquito-born illnesses starts at home.

In addition to dumping standing water, officials recommend using an EPA-registered repellant, checking spigots and air conditioning units to make sure they’re not pooling water, and replacing water in your outdoor pet dishes and bird feeders.

“You take the trouble to make sure the mosquitos aren’t breeding in your yard, then you’re really reducing the risk of disease transmission,” Petrie said.

Miami-Dade Mosquito Control will be hosting seminars all week on social media. Check @305Mosquito on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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