Campers at Jewish summer camp create mural for Surfside, hoping to bring strength and hope

The tragedy in Surfside has had a major impact on the community at large, particularly the local Jewish community.

SURFSIDE, FLa. – The tragedy in Surfside has had a major impact on the community at large.

The town’s Jewish community is suffering as several of the missing victims are of the Jewish faith.

At the summer camp Simcha Without Boarders, attending children are facing their own challenges, such as fighting cancer, being treated for cerebral palsy, recovering from heart transplants and a number of other medical challenges.

But those children, like many during this difficult time, wanted to help.

The group created a mural that reads Surfside Strong Together. They plan to give the mural to the City of Surfside with hopes it will bring strength and hope.

“The mural consists of different slogans, whether it’s love, comfort, hope, happiness, items that they reflect within themselves every single day and try to comfort the community with,” said Jack Tabbush, Director of Simcha Without Boarders.


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