Video shows grim reality of what rescuers see in Surfside rubble

The emotional toll on these workers is enormous, and videos like these let you see that and feel it.

SURFSIDE, Fla. – Video newly released to Local 10 News shows the gut-wrenching reality of what rescuers and first responders are seeing at the Champlain Towers South collapse site.

Because of the sensitive nature of the video, we are not identifying and have distorted the voice of the man who has been working at the Surfside site since the collapse a week ago.

What’s the importance of getting this video out, we asked?

“To show the people that [it’s] a lot of stress and fatigue, and we are still trying 200% to find the bodies so people can go on with their lives,” he said.

It’s a vantage point we haven’t seen before, shot Wednesday afternoon.

“Sad, grief. It could have been one of my family members,” the man said. “Too much tragedy in one spot. Too many dead people.

The emotional toll on first responders is enormous, and videos like these let you see it and feel it.

As they find a body, the rescue crews pause.

“They weren’t saying much. They just bowed their head,” the man said.

You can see the incredible amount of debris, concrete, and destruction. It brings this person to tears.

“It’s just sad. Sad.”

Those working the scene carry a promise: Despite the emotional pain, they will try to rescue or recover every single victim.

You have to go back there now, we ask?

“Yes, to keep on digging out and finish what we have to do.”

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