Would you rent your pool out to strangers? This app thinks so

A puppy by a swimming pool. Photo by Nicole Lopez-Alvar. (Courtesy of Nicole Lopez-Alvar)

MIAMI – Folks up north reading this will most likely roll their eyes at this one, but true South Floridians know that once kids become teenagers, the backyard pool gets used less... and less.

If you’re one of these Floridians sitting in your kitchen right now looking at your pool that goes completely idle during the summer, a new app is welcoming pool owners to earn some extra cash à la Airbnb by listing their underutilized swimming pools this summer.

Swimmy, a new pool sharing platform and app (available for download on both Android & Apple stores), connects swimmers and sunbathers with pool rentals in their area.

While guests enjoy a day poolside with family and friends, pool owners can make extra bucks.

“While your kids are at camp or you are sitting beach side your pool could be making you some bucks,” says Swimmy spokesperson Isobella Harkrider.

Although the pool hosts set the amount they charge for a session, the average host makes roughly $25 - $50 per session.

According to the company, pool-sharing is also a profitable move for empty nesters whose certified pools may be less active this summer.

“Pool sharing appeals to local guests who are looking for a ‘mini vacation’ or an alternative for a birthday party, special event, girl’s day, playdate, graduation parties, and more. It’s like having a pool in your pocket,” Harkrider adds.

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