Dangerous drag-racing drivers shut down South Florida streets

Video shows drag racing and donuts just blocks from the police station in Miami Shores.

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – This is not the Indy 500, it’s the middle of a neighborhood in Miami Shores.

Yet, on the video obtained by Local 10 News, you can hear the sounds of screeching tires at 2 a.m. a couple of weeks ago

These street racers have the gall to close down intersections and spin their cars around in circles at high speeds.

It happened just blocks from the Miami Shores police station, where you can still see skid marks — and residents are outraged.

“I think it’s horrible,” Terrell Jones said. “People are trying to get places they are trying to go.”

Alonso Giron, another area resident, said: “They should go to a race track. They can do whatever they want someplace else.”

This is the latest incident in a string of street racing escapades that have happened throughout South Florida.

It’s been seen on I-95, in South Beach, and on the Palmetto Expressway.

The dangerous stunts cause traffic delays and could put lives at risk.

Authorities from multiple areas have set up a task force to put an end to these dangerous stunts, hoping to put an end to it all as the street racing moves from highways to residential neighborhoods.

About the Author:

Reporter Rosh Lowe has been covering news for nearly two decades in South Florida. He joined Local 10 in 2021.