Outburst over mask on Fort Lauderdale flight caught on camera

The couple has been banned from flying JetBlue for life

The two passengers who were supposed to be headed from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego were kicked off the flight and banned by JetBlue, the airline said.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – JetBlue says two passengers flying out of Fort Lauderdale have been banned after one went on a profanity-filled rant when they refused to comply with the federal mask mandate and were asked to leave the plane.

It happened Wednesday on a flight about to leave Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for San Diego, the airline said.

“Prior to take-off two customers were asked multiple times but would not comply with the federal mask mandate,” JetBlue said in a statement. “Eventually the customers were asked to leave the aircraft at which time one customer became verbally and physically aggressive toward crewmembers before eventually exiting the aircraft. The customers will not be allowed to fly JetBlue in the future. We apologize to our other customers on this flight for their experience during this incident.”

That outburst came two days after a woman was arrested at FLL after authorities say she made a bomb threat when she was denied entry to her JetBlue flight because she and her family were late to the gate.

There have been a number of blowups over masks on flights caught on cell phone video in recent weeks.

Speaking in an address where he announced his newest COVID-19 measures Thursday, President Joe Biden said the Transportation Security Administration will be doubling the fines of travelers who don’t comply with the federal mask rule.

“If you break the rules, be prepared to pay,” Biden said. “Any, by the way, show some respect. The anger you see on television toward flight attendants and others doing their job is wrong. It’s ugly.”

According to the woman who recorded the entire incident, the woman was initially asked to tighten her son’s mask which was falling off of his face. That is what led to the fight. “I’m very sad about the fact that they just couldn’t comply with the federal mandate,” she says.

The couple has now been banned from flying JetBlue for life.