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Hollywood man creates makeshift 9/11 memorial in his front yard

Man creates a September 11 memorial in front of his Hollywood home.
Man creates a September 11 memorial in front of his Hollywood home.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A South Florida man created a makeshift memorial for September 11, in front of his Hollywood home.

Shaya Gutleizer created a replica of the “Twin Towers” that are eight feet high, along with a “Flag of Heroes” listing the names of the victims of the attacks 20 years ago. He says he created the memorial because he was unable to travel to New York last year due to the pandemic.

“I figured at least this year we’ll build one, so people have a place to go pay their respects. They can mourn, be together and do their thing,” said Gutliezer.

412 small flags, signifying the first responders who died in the tragedy, also line his front yard.

Gutleizer is a retired New York first responder, who worked as an EMT during the September 11 attacks.

He said the purpose of the memorial is to encourage people to ask questions about what happened and educate future generations about that dark day in our nation’s history.

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