Man allegedly attempts to steal 100 lobster tails from Coral Gables Publix

David Piloto. (Courtesy of Coral Gables Police)

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A man in Coral Gables allegedly attempted to rob a Publix of 100 lobster tails on Monday and threatened to use a weapon, according to police.

According to Coral Gables Police, David Piloto allegedly entered a Publix supermarket located on Le Jeune Road in Coral Gables around 5:30 p.m. He then hopped onto an electric shopping cart and proceeded towards the seafood section of the store.

Police say Piloto then asked an employee for 100 lobster tails that were being sold for $6.99 each. He was then given 100 tails worth $699.

After having the 100 crustacean tails placed in his shopping cart, he made a turn and proceeded directly towards the exit with “no intention of paying,” according to the arrest report.

Police say the store manager immediately confronted Piloto and blocked him from exiting the Publix. That is when Piloto allegedly grabbed the cardboard box that contained the lobster tails and shoved the store manager with it.

At the point, police say the store manager told them that Piloto was heard yelling, “I have a weapon and I am not afraid to use it” multiple times.

Police say the store manager feared for his life at that very moment. Thankfully, police arrived shortly after and placed Piloto in custody.

Piloto was placed under arrest, according to police, for “attempted strong arm robbery” and “simple battery,” according to the arrest report.