There’s a brand new bar located in an attic in Downtown Miami

Oh, and it’s inside of a historic building built in 1912

Bar La Real in Downtown Miami. (Photographer: Antonio Cuellar, Courtesy of Alchemy Agency)

MIAMI – Although Wynwood, Miami Design District — and, of course, South Beach — have a reputation for being home to some of the best bars in Miami-Dade County, there’s one neighborhood that is steadily coming back to life, and it’s Downtown Miami.

Years after Lost Boy Dry Goods and Mama Tried made waves in the local bar scene, comes Bar La Real, Downtown Miami’s newest bar and lounge.

And what makes this watering hole unlike the rest is that it’s located upstairs in the attic of a historic building — the Old United States Post Office and Courthouse, built in 1912, located at 100 First Avenue.

Now, new life has been breathed into the building. Bar La Real opened in October by White Feather Management, the team behind Wynwood’s El Patio and Mayami Wynwood. The bar and lounge promises to deliver a “tropiglam experience,” and their mascot behind the opulent and tropical theme is none other than the peacock.

The peacock is so prevalent in their theme, actually, that they even named the bar after the tropical bird. Peacock in Spanish directly translates to “pavo real,” which is where the “Real” in their name comes from.

Bar La Real opens in Downtown Miami. Photo: Antonio Cuellar (Courtesy of Alchemy Agency)

“At Bar La Real we walk the line between elegant and extravagant in everything that we do,” says Bar La Real’s Art Director Carlos ‘Beto’ Perez Fleta. “From the atmosphere to the sound, all is curated to appeal to that latin dandy, that real life peacock who lives to satisfy their passions for feeling, thinking, dancing and drinking.”

Guests can expect an elevated, glamorous experience accompanied by craft cocktails, such as a “gin-based Harakiri cocktail that infuses a wasabi sake and rose caviar,” and classics such as their take on an old fashioned, a mojito, and a spruced up gin and tonic. Plus, champagne and wine will be flowing. For those not consuming alcohol, “mocktails” are also on the menu.

As for music, the group founded a DJ collective called “La Real Academia de la Rumba Latina,” a DJ collective in charge of curating and reinterpreting the Latin open format, so expect themed nights that will run weekly.

“Our mission has been the same from inception: to make Bar La Real a unique environment that can only be understood through having lived it. From music to mixology, every aspect of the experience is special and thoughtful in its execution,” says Nicolas Hoyos, CEO.

And Bar La Real won’t be the only new addition to the historically protected building — five new concepts are coming to the building, which they are calling, the “Republic Entertainment Bureau.”

For more information about Bar La Real, click here.