Hollywood condo has been without power for weeks

Residents of a Hollywood condo have been living in a building without power for several weeks.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Residents of a Hollywood condo have been living in a building without power for several weeks.

What is working at the Trafalgar Towers II are a few emergency lights in common areas and the building’s elevator, though it’s all on generator power.

“It’s hard because most people, some are older and they’re on machines and things and they’ve had to find hotels, or ways to keep it going,” said Trafalgar Towers II resident Joann K.

All 16 floors and 120 units of the building in Hollywood have been without power since around the second week of November, when a fire basically blew the building’s electrical system.

“We stayed here for a few days and then when it looked like it wasn’t going to be repaired, everybody started moving out and finding other accommodations,” said Trafalgar Towers II resident Dwight Nykel.

A letter posted near the elevator lays out the scope of the repair work, including removing old components, and replacing them with new switch boxes, meters, and wires to each individual unit.

In an email shared with residents Monday morning, the board president said parts are coming in and work is underway.

“Anything around the country, that’s all you hear, that things are backlogged,” said Nykel.

Added Joann K.: “Parts are hard to get right now, and there weren’t any replacement parts because the building is older.”

Local 10 News’ cameras spotted crews doing what they can at the building in the meantime.

Management said it hopes to have more power restored in the coming days.

“You just make do, and thank goodness the weather is cooperating with us,” said Joann K.

The City of Hollywood said it’s working with the building management and contractor to expedite permitting and things on its end.

The only reason folks are still allowed in the building is because the fire suppression systems are still working and sewer and water services are functioning, otherwise, the evacuation would have been mandatory, as opposed to voluntary.

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