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Margate community concerned after teenage girl’s bulldog mix is attacked by aggressive dog

A vicious dog attack in Margate has some community residents on edge.

MARGATE, Fla. – A vicious dog attack in Margate has some community residents on edge.

A girl was walking her dog when another dog suddenly pounced, and that dangerous dog is still in the community.

The girl’s father wants to know why the dog that attacked is still inside the apartment complex

He is worried, along with others in the neighborhood who have children and small dogs.

In cell phone video of the incident, you first hear a man call out and then a teenager screaming in terror.

“The dog is killing Bella,” said Carlos Agurcia, the girl’s father and Bella’s owner. “She was screaming, there was a lot of commotion, I couldn’t even understand because she was crying.”

Agurcia’s daughter Mary was walking their bulldog mix Bella inside her Margate apartment complex on Saturday when she claims a neighbor’s dog lunged at her dog.

“At one point she said she saw my Bella’s eyes and her eyes were like black out she was about to pass away,” Agurica said. “That dog locked her down and started shaking her.”

Agurica said after the dog he believes is a pit bull mix shook his dog, he dragged her for several feet.

Puncture wounds to Bella’s snout and neck are visible in photos taken immediately after the attack.

Agurica’s daughter was not directly attacked, but she sustained cuts to her leg trying to save Bella’s life.

Ultimately a neighbor stepped in to help.

The ordeal is now giving the teen nightmares.

“She is waking up every single night crying,” Agurica said.

Local 10 News Sanela Sabovic went to the home of the owner of the allegedly attacking dog.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said before getting in his vehicle.

There was no other comment from that dog owner, but neighbors here have plenty to say about the attack.

“We don’t feel safe,” said resident Alessandra Demello. “We all have dogs, we all are animal lovers.”

Animal control has yet to come to the community.

Police told Local 10 News it takes a few days before someone is assigned to the case.

“We cannot have aggressive dogs, vicious dogs that are killer machines because we do have kids living in this community,” Agurica said.

The only thing authorities would say about the case is that it is an open investigation.

About the Author:

Sanela Sabovic joined Local 10 News in September 2012 as an assignment editor and associate producer. In August 2015, she became a full-time reporter and fill-in traffic reporter. Sanela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications with a concentration in radio, television and film from DePaul University.