Police arrest man with duty belt, gun, handcuffs and vehicle with light bar for impersonating an officer

Authorities in Miami are bringing attention to a situation they called very disturbing.

MIAMI – Authorities in Miami are bringing attention to a situation they called very disturbing.

Miami police arrested Louis Lugo for impersonating a police officer.

The incident in question happened on Sunday off Southwest 7th Street in Miami.

“This is illegal, he should not have had a firearm, he should not have a duty belt, he should not be approaching people, much less have lights and sirens on his car,” said Officer Kiara Delva with the Miami Police Department.

Police said Lugo approached officers who were working overtime, asking if they needed help.

He was wearing a duty belt, complete with a gun, handcuffs, and a baton.

A police report revealed Lugo’s car had a light bar.

“He stated that the lights could operate in several colors including red and blue,” said Delva.

Vehicle of man arrested for impersonating a police officer. (WPLG)

Local 10 News’ Bridgette Matter went to Lugo’s home to ask him about the arrest.

“I don’t understand, that doesn’t make sense why you guys would have a police report about something that has to do with my personal self,” Lugo said.

Matter responded by explaining that was because he was arrested for impersonating a police officer.

“I was arrested because they wanted to presume I was impersonating a police officer,” Lugo said.

He confirmed that the vehicle he was driving at the time of his arrest was the same one currently outside his home, which had visible lights and antennas attached.

According to the police report:

“While looking at the light switch, there was a button marked pursuit. I clicked the button and the vehicle illuminated red and blue.”

Police said they did ask Lugo if he was a police officer, and he said no, that he is a security officer.

The Miami Police Department want to remind the public that if they are being pulled over and feel unsafe, they can call 911 and ask for another officer to verify the traffic stop is legitimate.

About the Author:

Bridgette Matter joined the Local 10 News team as a reporter in July 2021. Before moving to South Florida, she began her career in South Bend, Indiana and spent six years in Jacksonville as a reporter and weekend anchor.