HOA concerns in the Hammocks get celebrity attention

High-profile names like Cuban singer Willy Chirino and Alejandro Gonzalez of Los Pichy Boys are calling for an investigation into the homeowners association in the Hammocks community in southwest Miami-Dade County.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Tensions are mounting in the heart of the Hammocks, with a digital billboard a growing caravan and even a state senator and a Latin pop star weighing in.

Cuban singer Willy Chirino is calling for an investigation into the community’s homeowners association after questions have been raised about elections, the arrest of its former president for theft, and now a notable increase in fees. Some fees are going up almost 400%, residents say.

“400% is abusive,” said Alejandro Gonzalez of Los Pichy Boys, a group of social media influencers. “There are a lot of senior citizens living here, people that are retired. This is going to affect them.”

Los Pichy Boys call the Hammocks in southwest Miami-Dade County home.

“These people are supposed to be working for us,” Gonzalez said. “These people are to be working with us so we can have a better life for our families, for our community. Not to be feeling like we are living in a micro-dictatorship.”

He attended another meeting Thursday where residents consulted attorneys and discussed their options.

They’re angry with the arrest of the board’s former president for allegedly stealing money, then issues with voting getting the attention of local leaders. The steep increase in fees that followed? Some say it’s questionable.

“Our fees were $90 a month in my community where I live, and it’s been hiked up to $370 dollars,” 30-year Hammocks resident Charlene Gurucharri said.

“It’s a crazy thing we are a not-for-profit organization,” added resident Ana Danton.

An attorney for the HOA says fees were low for so long that they want to put it in perspective.

“This is the first increase that the Hammocks has had in the past 7 years,” attorney Hilton Napoleon said.

Local leaders are still pushing for a look at their finances and the election of that board.

A growing group of residents has been raising money for a legal defense fund.

State Sen. Annette Taddeo, D-Miami-Dade, is among the politicians that have taken some of the issues to the state attorney’s office.

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Andrew Perez is a South Florida native who joined the Local 10 News team in May 2014.