Owners devastated after therapy dog killed by neighborhood dogs

Derly Ramirez of Pompano Beach is devastated that her 4-year-old Yorkie therapy dog, Ozzy, was killed on Saturday morning

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Derly Ramirez, of Pompano Beach, is devastated that her 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Ozzy, who was also her family’s therapy dog was killed suddenly on Saturday morning.

Ramirez recalls freaking out and standing still when it happened inside her apartment complex, Captiva Cove.

She was out taking Ozzy for a walk when she said two big dogs, most likely pit bulls, attacked.

Ramirez is still tortured by the images of little Ozzy’s injuries.

The family got Ozzy as a therapy dog after losing Oswald Zambrano, their 40-year-old father, and a husband who was stabbed to death over a parking spot.

Ramirez still has Ozzy’s crate, collar and food bowls, which remind her of the horrific attack that hits her family in so many ways.

Ramirez remains fearful that this will happen to someone else.

She decided to reach out to Pompano Beach Animal Services, where they filed a report. She said she also reached out to BSO deputies, hoping the dogs will be removed from the neighborhood.

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