Police: Man installs device to pump, takes off with almost 200 gallons of free gas

Reinier Delgado Alvarez, 29, was arrested for installing an electronic device that gave him access to a pump at a Miami gas station to dispense unlimited amounts of gas. (WPLG)

MIAMI, Fla. – An Orlando man is under arrest after police say he installed a device on a gas pump in Miami and then filled up with almost 200 gallons of gas without paying.

According to investigators, Reinier Delgado Alvarez, 29, on Friday, April 15, is seen arriving at the Chevron Gas Station at 7300 West Flagler Street at 5:26 p.m. He then goes to another pump and meets with another person in a black and white truck equipped with a bladder truck on its bed.

A bladder truck is a vehicle that has been retrofitted to include a fuel tank that is hidden from sight and can be used to hold large volumes of fuel. The fuel is then typically sold on the black market.

According to an arrest report, Alvarez then used a key to open the pump and then backed his truck, a white Ford F150, up to the adjacent pump.

Alvarez then opened the pump and installed an electronic device inside that would allow the pump to dispense gas.

The following day, investigators said Alvarez returned to the same pump at 12:23 a.m. and filled up two bladder tanks with 160 gallons and a separate fuel jug with 15 gallons of diesel. He then left the gas station without paying.

Alvarez was located at Kings Wrecker in North Miami Beach where he responded to pick up his truck following his arrest in Miami-Gardens for a similar incident. It was at the tow yard where he was taken into custody, according to police.

He was charged with multiple counts of fraud, theft, and possession of an illegal tank, container. He was released on bond.

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Michelle F. Solomon is the podcast producer/reporter/host of Local 10's original, true-crime podcast The Florida Files and a digital journalist for Local 10.com.