With Formula 1 race in rearview mirror, Miami Gardens residents’ lawsuit remains

Hard Rock Stadium in residential Miami Gardens. (WPLG)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – After weeks of protests against Formula 1, the big race went off without a hitch.

With the event now in the rearview mirror, Local 10 News got reaction from some residents who were concerned about the noise and traffic.

“Honestly music to my ears, I love the way Formula 1 cars sound,” said resident Travis Mobley.

In the neighborhood directly across the street from the Miami Grand Prix at Hard Rock Stadium, the general consensus was that the noise turned out not to be a major issue, but the traffic, to some, was.

“We need improvement with the traffic, because you’re coming home and instead of taking 15 minutes to get inside here, it takes an hour,” said Opi Brown, Homeowners Association President for the area.

A different take came from the attorney representing other neighboring communities in a lawsuit filed last March over potentially damaging noise and traffic. The lawsuit failed to stop the event but is still on track for trial. A copy of the lawsuit can be read at the bottom of this story.

“I’m hearing from people the noise was unbearable,” said attorney Sam Dubbin. “The city of Miami Gardens broke the law in issuing a special event permit without doing what the law required, which is to determine the event would not constitute an impediment to the normal flow of traffic or constitute a potential disturbance to the peace and quiet of persons outside the premises of the event. The permit had nothing about those requirements of the law.”

Most of the criticism is leveled at the city for the traffic troubles and disrespectful litter still on the streets.

The event itself has a green light for the next nine years.

“To me, it’s good for the city,” said Miami Gardens resident Catherine Singleton. “It makes the city money.”

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