Experts warn dog owners of increase in poisonous toads across South Florida

Experts say there’s an increase in bufo toads this season

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Experts say more bufo toads have been seen across South Florida and they are warning dog owners to keep a watchful eye.

Bufo toads are not native to Florida, yet the toxic toads are poisonous to dogs.

If your dog is exposed to the toxin, it can lead to seizures and possibly death.

Already this year, the owner of Palm Beach County based Toad Busters, says thousands have swarmed a single Palm Beach community.

When a dog comes in contact with a bufo toad by licking or biting it, the toad releases a toxin that can cause them to have seizures and in some cases, may lead to death.

If your pet comes in contact with a bufo toad:

  • Rinse their mouth out
  • Rush them to your nearest veterinarian
  • Activated charcoal may also bind the toxin to help remove it
  • Avoid walking your dog near large ponds. These kinds of toads reproduce near ponds and lakes.

When landscaping, be sure to keep outdoor items at least a foot above ground, so the toads don’t make a home in your yard.

The owner of Toad Busters says it’s hard to know if it’s the mild winter South Florida experienced that may have played a role, but experts are seeing more toads than ever before.

In previous years, they say they would clear 60 toads, this year, they are clearing more than a thousand.

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