Some Fort Lauderdale voters have yet to receive ballots, notice incorrect address listed on election website

Several voters in Broward County are still waiting to receive their ballots, and the election is just weeks away.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla – Several voters in Broward County are still waiting to receive their ballots, and the election is just weeks away.

One resident who lives in Downtown Fort Lauderdale off Las Olas Boulevard did not receive her ballot due to an incorrect address.

She told Local 10 News’ Sanela Sabovic her neighbors in her high-rise on the same street are having the same issue.

“I realized last week that I hadn’t received my voter registration card nor had I received my absentee ballot, so when I went on to the Supervisor of Elections website, I noticed they had the wrong address for me,” said Shelley Eichner. “Instead of it being North New River Drive, it showed up as Northeast New River Drive.”

Eichner called the Broward Supervisor of Elections office and an employee corrected the address, but a few days later when she checked the site again, it was back to the incorrect address.

“So then I started to call my friends in the building and realized we all have the same problem,” she said.

Eichner said when she spoke to an employee at the Supervisor of Elections office, she was told some mail-in ballots they sent out were being returned as undeliverable, but this is the first time it’s happened to her.

“I think the error is in the direction of the street name being rather unusual,” she said.

While Eichner did not receive her ballot, some residents have seen incorrect information on theirs.

This past week, Local 10 News has reported about mail-in ballot glitches, and Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott knew about the problem.

Florida’s once in a decade redistricting means mindboggling logistics that come with redrawing voters district lines.

A few hundred ballots went out before the new district lines went in.

“We are aware of every single one,” Scott said. “So we know exactly who is impacted and we are working hard to contact each of those voters.”

Local 10 News reached out Tuesday in regards to the new issue. Scott’s office acknowledges there have been glitches in the system, and said they are aware of the latest issue and are looking into it.

The Supervisor of Elections Officer full statement can be seen below:

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