Miami chef making Pink Sauce goes viral, product sold out

MIAMI – A local chef is selling a product online that is getting quite a bit of attention.

The Pink Sauce has blown up on social media and is sold out.

The Pepto Bismol-looking condiment has taken Tik Tok by storm, with more than 441,000,000 views.

The creator of the product is a Miami-based chef who goes by the name Chef Pii.

One person Local 10 News asked said he would try it.

“That’s what it looks like, liquidy slime,” said David August. “I’d try it, it’s not too bad.”

So what’s in it?

Chef Pii said there’s dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, chili, honey, and garlic, but the chef has been highly criticized due to questionable ingredients and mislabeled bottles.

Chef Pii says her product is not FDA approved, but she’s been working with the agency to make sure everything is produced to their regulations and guidelines, adding in a statement:

“We are dedicated to providing our current and future customers with clear, unambiguous, and accurate labels and descriptors of the pink sauce.”

Considering all the buzz and chatter over the Pink Sauce, Chef P said she is redoing her website and rebranding in order to make the sauce better than ever.

Local 10 News reached out to the FDA and they said they are unable to comment on any pending investigation.

About the Author:

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